Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday, October 2 Update


I would like to start off by saying how great the Digger Dash was this year. Great weather made for a wonderful day of running, walking, and being outside!

In Math, we are nearing the end of Unit 1. This week we will be working on a lot of division problems and how we can use multiplication as a strategy to find the answer. Great math thinking has been taking place in our classroom! We will also be solving division problems using 2-digit divisors and solve division problems by breaking the dividend into parts. When we come back from fall break we will begin our unit on volume.

In Social Studies students are adding to their schema of the geographical regions of the United States. Students are also exploring how our region’s geography, climate, and resources affect the way people live and work.

We will begin our first Science unit after fall break by investigating living cells. Together students will discuss the differences between living and non-living things as well as learn that the basic unit of life is the cell. We will learn that all cells have basic needs and what these needs are.

Writing has been a great journey. We are continuing to develop our personal narratives and the kids are working really hard! One thing that we have been working on in class is telling the story from inside it. We do this by trying our best to get our readers to feel as if they are in our story as they read it. We are also continuing our practice of showing and not telling!

We are still continuing our work on schema and making connections in Reading. To do this we have been discussing ways in which our schema can change and grow.

Finally, it is time to start thinking about our Halloween Party. If anyone is interested in organizing the party, please let me know. Thank you and enjoy your week!!

Ms. Lautenbach

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Hi families!

I hope you all are looking forward to the three-day weekend. Here at school we are getting back into the swing of things, developing routines, and good classroom norms.

In Writing the past two weeks we have been working on an assignment that is based on Time magazine’s “10 Questions”. As a class, we have been looking at different examples and writing down the things we notice about the articles and the way the articles are structured. This week we have been revising our pieces. Next week we will begin our Narrative writing unit. Students will be writing small moment stories, setting clear goals, and developing more strategies to enhance their writer’s craft.

In Math, we are continuing to find the factors and multiples of numbers to solve problems. Students have also been identifying prime, square, composite, odd, and even numbers. Additionally, we have begun solving problems using order of operations. Next week we will begin solving multiplication problems with 2-digit numbers. At home, it is encouraged to practice math facts a few times a week.

Schema is our focus the next few weeks in Reading. We will be using our background knowledge to aid in making connections. Making meaning using our background knowledge is an important strategy in reading comprehension!

Geography has been our theme in Social Studies. We are researching the regions of the United States. Students will create a Google Slides presentation to share with their peers.

Finally, Spelling and Wordly Wise have not yet started. The week of September 11th we will begin our first round of spelling by introducing and practicing strategies to build an understanding of word patterns. Soon we will be diving into vocabulary knowledge practice by way of our Wordly Wise books. Improving vocabulary is one of the keys to being successful in reading comprehension.

As always please let me know of any questions, comments, or concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Ms. Lautenbach

Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Week

It has been a great first day of school and I am looking forward to the many more days that we will share together. I had a wonderful time getting to know your students and beginning to build our classroom community.

Here are some upcoming happenings that will be taking place next week...

Wednesday, August 16th is Back to School Night

Session 1: 6:05-6:35
Session 2: 6:40-7:10
Back to School Night will give families an overview of the grade level curriculum, homework practices, information on math resource guides, and general classroom procedures.

Thursday, August 17th and Friday, August 18th are Assessment Days
Students will come to their scheduled time slot to complete reading and math assessments (if you need to check with me on the time you are signed up for please email me).

I cannot express how excited I am for this upcoming year. Please email or call with any further questions, comments, or concerns.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and a great weekend!

Ms. Lautenbach